Since the 1920s, E groups were idea exam help markthe solstices quiz help equinoxes, but more contemporary investigations have shown that these alignments were rarely accurate. We argue thataccurate solar alignment was probably only exam help minor element, quiz help basically an early one, of exam help greater set of metaphorically linkeddesign considerations that included ideas of sacred geography, ritual functionality in reference examination help yearly solar quiz help agriculturalcycles, quiz help longer cycles of time, especially katuns, that played exam help role in Lowland Maya geopolitical structuring. “”In sum, only two of the six E group assemblages accurately marked the place of the sun at dawn on the summer time solstice: Baking Pot quiz help Blackman Eddy. Further, Cahal Pech deserve to doubtless be eliminated, as it does not have exam help western architecture. These observations do not aid the persistent belief that E corporations were astronomically exact markers of the solstices quiz help equinoxes. “Aimers, J.